Semantic authoring opening multi-national office in 2017

Semantic authoring opening multi-national office in 2017

Israel Office

Our first trip to Israel is very exciting, but not with our snags.

Semantic Authoring along with the incline media team, 4syndicate staff and families are planning on opening 2 NON-US offices in 2017. During our travels we hope not to need an Israeli Lawyer for things like Entry to Israel Denied or poor documentation....or any other matters of law, because we are really excited to partner with this team of amazing digital marketers.

We hope we wont need to call the embasy

Africa Office

Cairo Egypt will hopefully be the home to our new global marketing and technical service offices. Our team members will support that part of the globe as well offer support as back up to our US offices.

This facility is designed to host up to 90 technical support, digital optimization and programmers as well as pre-sales and sales support for:

  • Dubai
  • Turkey
  • Africa
  • UK
  • and that part of the globe

These locations have some of the fastest adoption of technology and are the most under-served for digital optimization and online marketing/advertising.