Semantic Insurance

Semantic Insurance is one of the oldest industries on the planet, however with technology, big data and new computer algorithms there will be different insurance offerings in the future. 

Semantic authoring has helped shape the Internet and can also change the face of an entire industry by leveraging data, utilization, points of entry, intend to not only shape premiums but predict future outcomes as well as monoline and multi line profitability. 

Semantic auto insurance

Insurance has often been seen as a two dimensional product, and many insurance companies are trying to figure out a way to manage client expectations and at the same time provide revenue to meet stockholder expectations… And many are winning with technology and a very 2 Dimensional Way. We propose that insurance today is much like a billboard and Yellow Pages, it will be around forever because the folks running those organizations are making tons of money and have the mentality of if it's not broke don't fix it… However if you look at the insurance industry like a Zappos or Amazon you're going to see more of A three dimensional or semantic view at Insurance maximized profitability with technology. 

There are several car insurance companies that have come out with insurance by the mile or pricing by age or rating based on actual car performance through the computer on board the car to predict how a driver ask, reacts and their intent on driving…that is very two dimensional had they captured the consumers and tent at the beginning of the purchase process as well as taking a 30,000 foot view of the consumers social profile, related intent categories, other types of semantic indicators they would've seen a more holistic picture allowing them to price the risk accordingly. 

Semantic Medicare supplements

The same thing is true in the Medicare supplement insurance market where as carriers have been pricing individuals turning 65 and filling the gap for years a.k.a. Medigap, but the full picture of the consumer is not factored into pricing or risk therefore not maximizing on profitability.

Semantic authoring visual thought process

Imagine a consumer find your website or calls your phone number while watching TV at 2:30 in the morning where your TV advertisement errors on the Cooking Channel.

Imagine a second customer seeing the same advertisement at 2:30 in the afternoon watching the tennis Channel. 

There's a pretty clear semantic in tent that separates these to consumers and the profitability outcome could potential he be impacted based on where the consumers point-of-sale intent originated… Giving the insurance company more of a 3D look at the consumer providing a much better picture to build a full risk portfolio around providing with a whole new layer of actuarial modeling. 

Semantic business insurance

The same thing goes with businesses you can build a digital profile using social signals as well as employee and consumer signals to help identify risk trends within an industry surrounding a particular business and build modeling against those businesses to fine-tune your actuarial data to minimize or reduce risk increasing profitability as well as coverage selections. 

Semantic big data

Marketing companies have been using pen. Data from credit card purchases and third-party aggregators to help predict intent for years we propose adding a layer of social signals and semantic modeling on top of the two dimensional algorithms to provide with a better predictive model. 

The future of semantic authoring

Semantic authoring has been around for ages since the origination of the Internet however like many companies has evolved to provide a much wider and girth of your presence in the top industries including insurance, finance, lending, Medical and so on.

Semantic authoring team

We are proud to have built a team of some of the industries best technology mines and mathematical mines as well as marketing and engineering professionals along with very creative and industry-leading advertising professionals around out Buy a very collaborative win-win approach making the sky the limit for what we believe is the wild wild west on the Internet. 

Semantic authoring is now hiring

We are looking for brilliant, market changing, motivated individuals to join the movement… If this is you please give us a call or join us at one of our collaboration spaces near you. 

Have a great day.  

Jeff Cline