What is SEO hosting

Web Hosting and SEO

There are a ton of concepts and ideas on how to rank higher in the search engines. As the competitive environment becomes more and more fierce, their is a larger demand on every aspect of digital optimization.

There are a few things that have not changed since the start of semantic indexing. At the time of this article we believe there are a minimum of 225 things that the top search engines look at, and they each have a 1-100 value and can be turned up at any time, making for over 22500 options....

However here are a few things that have not changed, and will provide benefit in rankings that have nothing to do with content, keywords and off site influence.

1) FAST PAGE LOAD..all things equal the page that loads faster will win! In-fact most search engines will only allocate so much resources to crawl a site and if it loads slow you may lose rankings! it is a simple fix, buy a dedicated server! Most people don't do it because its a price difference of many multiples.


Shared Hosting ...$5.00 to $25.00 a month

Virtual Dedicated (DON'T FALL FOR IT)  $$50.00 to $150.00

Dedicated $400.00 (not managed) to $1500 (managed)  >>>> I have personally seen this move sites from the 2nd page for vary competitive words to the 1st! (Takes up to 10 weeks) NO OTHER CHANGES!

There are now SEO hosting platforms built for speed but designed for cost sharing and only bill you when you leverage the system...giving you the same speed and uplift but you only pay for when you are using it...great for SEARCH ENGINE CRAWLING and seasonal businesses. You can find this product called iNETportal at some of the Top SEO Hosting Companies in the US and abroad.

Many of the top Digital Marketing Experts use the iNETportal for their clients who want speed for marketing and ranking but don't need the overkill of a dedicated server. Many people call the JUST IN TIME SERVERS!

Just In Time Hosting

This concept is ran on the INETPORTAL, it allows many servers to work with one another to provide a DEDICATED FEEL and response when demand is high...for example during a busy shopping season or when a search engine crawls your site but then backs off to more os a shared level when the demand is lower providing to JUST IN TIME HOSTING! You will see top seo video hosting platforms using this "JUST IN TIME" platform! IE .....Incline Media